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  • Gunderloch Fritz Riesling


    Grapes from the “Red Hill” close to river Rhine, on steep slopes of red slate soil and facing South-East. 100% aged in 600L neutral barrels and fermented naturally. Dry, stone fruit, peach and lemon with salty mineral and natural acidity

  • Saint Clair Vicar’s Choice Pinot Grigio


    This zesty dry white wine stands out for its flavors of lemons, limes, green apples and honeysuckle. Imagine drinking a refreshing chilled lime juice while savoring your chili crab!

  • Saint Clair Vicar’s choice Sauvignon Blanc


    Its color is straw yellow with shades of green. The aroma and taste combine fruit tones and flavors of gooseberries, passion fruit and grapefruit. Beautiful minerality leads to a long-lasting aftertaste. It is best suited for consumption young or for the next two years. The food is best enjoyed in combination with seafood, grilled vegetables with chicken or fresh salad. The recommended temperature for consumption is 12° C.